We all have things we crave, foods, habits, attention from people etc..

I have probably 2 of the most common cravings and that is for something sweet and something salty. I always seem to need both at the same time and I have yet to find the perfect blissful combo to quickly satisfy my needs.

Eating things is just not that enjoyable for me anyhow but I get those cravings and suddenly I have inhaled whatever it is within minutes. You would think I was eating to keep someone from stealing my food. No idea where this comes from.

Today I just want sugar, but I am working really hard to give it up. I have the worst headache though and I feel like it will get rid of it but then I will be fighting it again in a few days.. Actually this is turning into a migraine.. gonna have to cut the blog short.. ouchies

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  1. Ouchie. So not fair! I cleared sugar out of my diet for a while last year and had a headache at first (not a migraine, thank goodness). The best thing about cutting sugar out for a while was that it reset my body’s “hungry” messages – I felt hungry when I needed to eat, instead of almost all the time, and I craved sugar and even salty things next. It’s something I plan to do a couple of times a year, to reset the hunger switches, but not all the time. But that’s just me đŸ™‚ Good luck! Let us know how life without sugar is for you!


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