1 AM But I’m Not Late

I promised myself that I would write my blog everyday, I think the day isn’t really over until you fall asleep.. So I might have almost forgotten. I would have been so pissed at myself if I had of though. This is the longest I have done anything besides being married.

We drove the the Angeles Forest.. Guess what not really much of a forest. Just a lot of totally terrifying roads and drop off. Beautiful mountain views if you can stop white knuckling the door handle long enough to look.

I was kind of pissed though. I wanted to walk amongst the trees. I even wore a hat in case of things falling from the skies.. You know what fell from the sky? Disappointment! Least I got to go on a 3 hour drive to see old burnt up trees!

At least I didn’t stay home all day which is a big improvement right?

So *high five me* woot..

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