Why Bipolars Kill Themselves

Do you know why I think that bipolars kill themselves?

I think it is because they can’t get the help they need. There seem to be very few *shrinks* who don’t charge cash or are just so overbooked that they don’t take new patients.. Why are doctors so fucking greedy!!!!  Even the mood disorder clinic here doesn’t take new patients if you are not already a part of their health thingy. Which I don’t even understand at all.

I had to give up my old shrink, she misdiagnosed me, charged me cash and I had to wait a month between visits. Trying to find a new one is appearing impossible. I am so stressed out, no shrink, my mom coming, my dogs pancreatis (sp?)is acting up.. FUCCKKKKKKKKKKK!

I’m not suicidal just frustrated at the moment and I am going to get totally drunk and forget about this shit.. I don’t normally drink but today seems like a good day to start..


  1. Hey hun … r u ok . Can you tell someone ? America sucks hard in that its so hard to get the help you need and if you have bipolar its hard to have money. What has worked for you in this place before? Zyprexa would be my choice for the mood you are expressing. Can you get from a walk in clinic ?
    maybe the old shrink is a fuckknuckle but maybe she would be able to prescribe emergency meds… just some thoughts .. most docs charge what they can but here mine bulk bills if I am skint and I if you ask most can make arrangements. Nobody wants to loose patients. Not really. … take care of yourself and be your own advocate….. xx


    1. Thank you for asking. I just got drunk and went to sleep after a while. I know we are supposed to avoid stress but it’s impossible when it’s right in your face.. and our walk-ins typically don’t do mental health meds.


  2. It is a hard reality and I agree with you. There is little support for those struggling with mental health. I can’t afford healthcare and the free clinic is a joke. They only intake on a certain day at a certain time when I must work. I can’t take off work to fit their needs. So I’m screwed. But I’m dealing with it. I refuse to stop fighting….good luck.


  3. Real help is hard to find. I seem to have better luck with friends. My current shrink not only makes time for appointments, she wants to see me every week. I pushed her back to every other week. I told her I can’t keep coming that often because I just can’t afford it. She Kinda smiled an said ok, so then every other week? She said the only reason she wanted to see me so much was that she feared for my safety. Told me if I get any worse then she is going to commit me. She’s an ass. I’m currently looking for someone else :/


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