Painting Again Feels Wonderful

Fe001els really good to be painting again. This is a painting I am working on right now and plan to hang in our guest room.

It feels so good to have paint all over my hands and clothes and be messy. This is my first time trying to paint something that is not weird but I am actually happy about how it turned out.

Today has been pretty good, played some games and painted and killed some time without whining.  It was refreshing to feel like I had something to do with my day.

My mood is still up, not sure how long it will stay here but I will enjoy it while it last instead of asking myself each day when the bad will come. It’s counteractive, it’s basically just wishing the happy away.

I’m going shopping for some paints today and I will paint more tomorrow. I will be happy today and hopefully happy tomorrow.


  1. I love your painting. I love that they are dandylions, something that people consider undesirable weeds, but are in fact quite beautiful. Then you take it one step farther. The flowers have seeded, transformed, and are leaving to grow new flowers, new creations, new futures… elsewhere as they fly away in the wind. Note, too, the wind is gentle and hopeful, but we do not really know where it will take us.

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  2. I love painting too! I only do it when I am manic for a while and will rip through 10-15 in a few mths. I tend to work on abstracts but sometimes my own flare of native Metis. I have not picked up a paint brush except of repair a painting that fell on the floor since last April 😦

    I like what you have done, it is very cheerful!


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