Black and White

I always see things in black or white. I’ve decided that I am going to start trying to see the grays.

My therapist told me it’s all about the way you look at things and being more accepting of people and situations. I really need to do this as I always absolutely love or hate someone. It will be interesting to try.

My depression is here and I’ve felt so down most of the day but I’m not going to allow it to make me not do things. So I painted, I played on the computer and I’ve agreed to try and find a meetup group so I can explore friendships.

Also hubby said there was a company looking for telemarketers right near his work. I’m gonna apply and see if I can get the job. Why not. I think I can work. It doesn’t hurt anything to try.

Can is my new word.

One comment

  1. Bravo! Meetup groups are a great way to connect with people. I attend a writers group meetup, since as a blogger, I am a writer. Love the goal to see the gray rather than just black and white. Telemarketing may work for you. You don’t know until you try it.


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