Day Two In Dallas

Yesterday turned out pretty good.  I got to visit with my BFF and hug her. It felt so good to finally be so close to her. We talked for a couple hours and it felt so natural. I am not sure what I was so nervous about.

The rest of the time was pretty boring. Like today has been so fucking. I am not experiencing much difference than when I am in Omaha. Except I keep getting little jolts of anxiety and I’m kind of dreading the drive home. I still have a whole other day of this. I wish I was brave enough to go out by myself.

Being stuck in a hotel room for three days is not something I think I will do again. The next time hubby has a trip I think I’ll just stay home and be bored there. Sure I won’t get to sleep with him but I will feel more comfortable.

I have this feeling that something bad will happen constantly popping into my head. It’s so annoying. Hubby still won’t be back for another 3 hours. Plus I’ve been waking up earlier then I do at home which is making the day even longer.

If anyone has any suggestions of what a person stuck in a hotel room can do with herself, I’ll gladly take it into consideration, cause this just blows… Maybe I’ll get hubby to take me out tonight to at least get some fresh air.


  1. take dozens of selfies that are all different from each other. 🙂
    sleep with the tv on. lay down or sit comfortable and fantasize. get really into it. make up stories to yourself. do some deep breathing or meditating?

    good luck! 🙂


  2. Unravel the sheets and make…… no, no! Don’t listen to me, lol. The one time I was penned up in a hotel room I started writing: lists of good things in my life, gratitude, and sayings to encourage me. The gratitude led me to write my first letter in years. I still have those pages, and they still help during the bleak periods.

    I’ll be thinking of you, wishing well and safe journeys home.


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