Ahead This Time

I actually thought about writing my blog without using the alarm! Hopefully this will become a good habit again.

How am I feeling today? I honestly don’t know. I am motivated enough to shower and wash the dog. (two for one deal) I was able to eat a little already which is good. Lately I have just such a hard time eating. I know it is all in my brain though. I just have to be tougher than it for a change. Eating when you don’t want to is just very difficult. I’m not exactly nauseated. It’s really hard to describe.

My mood is good. My anxiety is middle of the road. I try not to think about it too much. Thinking about my anxiety makes me more anxious. Stupid huh?

So far today has been kind to me with the hot flashes. I am hoping my body is getting used to the Latuda.

Still missing my weed though. I didn’t realize just how much it helped with things like anxiety and eating.  Tonight I should be able to get some more though.  I wish I lived in Colorado.


  1. you are so funny! I did not think you would ever give up weed. I don’t have anxiety. My double edged swords are binge eating/exercise bulimia and chronic pain from the injuries of the exercise. I’m adjusting. Hey could you click on my ‘alternative music as medicine’ article on bphope> Next time I comment it won’t be to ask something. Just helps to have clickthroughs out of my zip code. heheh



  2. did the nausea start with the latuda? I hear mixed things about that one. It’s not a weight gainer but has other side effects. Research.


    1. The latuda definitely makes me nauseated if I take it without food. I’ve never considered putting the two together. My shrink gave me some anti nausea medicine that has helped a great deal both physically and psychologically.


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