Recently my doctor increased my Latuda to 80mg up from 60mg.  I didn’t connect the fact that the Latuda and these horrible hot flashes I’ve been having were connected. Well since it has gotten worse since the increase I am going to say it is definitely from the Latuda.

The thing is it’s working for me. I’m less depressed but more anxious. I also think that’s related so I don’t know what to do about it. I hope that both pass as I get used to the drug being in my system.

If you’ve never had a hot flash then you have no idea how horrible it makes you feel. You are all of a sudden on fire, it’s so hot it make’s you nauseated. It feel like it it never going to end but then it does and you are completely soaked head to toe in sweat. I feel consistantly sticky all the time. My dogs love it though cause I’m salty. I hope they pass or there is something that will help cause I don’t want to give up the Latuda.


  1. I used to get hot flushes when I took venlafaxine. They are AWFUL! I carried one of those hand-held fans in my handbag. So if I stood in a queue I could whip it out and fan myself down. I had them dotted around my flat and at work too. There was always one within easy reach. Those helped a lot


  2. Latuda was so bad for me I had to stop cold turkey after 2 weeks. Can’t remember the issues, but they were bad. Quite a few of my friends were on it too and also had major issues. Glad it is working for you. You are the only I am aware of who can take it.


      1. Yes a lot of people which makes you wonder. Not an occasional problem and this was in a group of my friends on here. I can only imagine how many others had problems.


      2. I hope all goes well with you and the Latuda. I am considered medicine resistant and a lot of the side effects don’t show up for the first 2 months and then wham. I am trying a new one now. It is called Rexulti.


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