hot flashes

Tummy Trouble

My tummy has been acting up all day. I hate that I don’t feel well when I have to go out Weds and Thurs.  Plus I am so stressed out. My mood has been meh. Not bad but not good. Feeling like crap definitely doesn’t help. I don’t know how much of it is in my head where I’m stressing out or what’s real. Between that and the hot flashes it’s just unbearable.

I did go out with hubby to pick up food today so that is my daily accomplishment. Feeling bad and going out willingly is still a lot different than having to go out unwillingly. I’m so dreading going out this week. I’m having nightmares every night. I hate my brain so much.


Going Off Pristiq

So far it has lead me to be nauseated and unable to sleep. My sleep last night was worst than normal. These hot flashes are killing me and than insomnia rears it’s ugly head. My husband even purchased a cooling mattress topper and pillow for me and I still wake up in pool of my own sweat several times a night. I suppose I am going to need to get some hormone replacement therapy if this keeps up.  I’m too tired to write honestly, I just want to get stoned and chill, so I will.


Recently my doctor increased my Latuda to 80mg up from 60mg.  I didn’t connect the fact that the Latuda and these horrible hot flashes I’ve been having were connected. Well since it has gotten worse since the increase I am going to say it is definitely from the Latuda.

The thing is it’s working for me. I’m less depressed but more anxious. I also think that’s related so I don’t know what to do about it. I hope that both pass as I get used to the drug being in my system.

If you’ve never had a hot flash then you have no idea how horrible it makes you feel. You are all of a sudden on fire, it’s so hot it make’s you nauseated. It feel like it it never going to end but then it does and you are completely soaked head to toe in sweat. I feel consistantly sticky all the time. My dogs love it though cause I’m salty. I hope they pass or there is something that will help cause I don’t want to give up the Latuda.