I’m Just A Mess

I’m over sensitive I am crying at the drop of the hat and I don’t feel like posting.

Turns out I missed a call from the ECT people yesterday and now I have to wait until Monday.. So fucking frustrated don’t even want to post..

I mean fuck!

I’m depressed, I’m stressed and I’m fucking impatient. Stupid.

I did take some cute pics today though, I had moments of happiness.. just me and hubby being silly in nature.


      1. You are so sweet….it means a lot to me you wrote ’cause I know how much you love that! ;)) Kidding! I love your strength – you are incredible and I wish you could see that from a different point of view somehow. Since that’s impossible, I am here to remind you that you’re amazing!!!! Xoxoxo


  1. Bummer missing the phone call. I only have a mobile, no landline, so that I don’t miss the important calls, or any for that matter. The only problem is places where there is no reception, but that is quite rare. I hope it goes well when you return the call.
    Nice pics too.


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