I Don’t Understand What’s Going On

I just can’t seem to get any motivation to do anything at all. I don’t want to exercise or play. I don’t want to sort laundry or watch TV.

I do want to crawl into bed. That’s about it.

I am managing to fight going back to bed though it is really hard to do.

Tomorrow hubby goes to work, then Tuesday it is my birthday. We’re not celebrating it. Though our washer and dryer and fridge will finally be here so that I can at least shop for some food. I’m tired of take out big time.

I tried painting last night but I just have no mojo. *sigh*

I hope this gets better soon. It always feels like you’ve been depressed forever when you are depressed.


  1. Hi, may I suggest some homemade nutritious food when you can? Maybe all that fast food did too much damage causing inflammation and there for making your symptoms worse? Hope you feel better soon and get some rest.


  2. “It always feels like you have been depressed forever when you are depressed…”

    I second that quote. The perception of time warps…

    The perception, not the reality 🙂 Keep that in mind.

    Hope you break out of it soon, and have a great birthday 🙂

    M x

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