I’m Lonely It Sucks

Today my husband went back to work. Mom in law went back to watching the niece and nephews and the house is quiet and lonely. I don’t know that I will be able to work or volunteer but I would like to have interactions with people instead of always waiting for someone to come and visit or come home from work.

It makes me sad that i need to be with other people so much. I mean I think it is wonderful that I dont want to shut myself off with my crazy. I want to share. It’s one of the reasons that I blog. The loneliness is hard though. It makes my heart ache. I wander around trying to push myself.to keep myself busy.

I went outside and it made my eyes tear up as I heard the slight hum of someone mowing their lawn in the distance and it made me crave small talk. Hows the weather? What did you think of the storm last night? Are you looking forward to fall? That sort of thing.

I did do a painting today, I rather like it!

photo (1)



  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I’d love to make new friends to talk with in person, but I’m crap at making friends.
    I LOVE the painting! It’s amazing.
    Btw… How’s the weather? 😉


      1. It’s hot and sunny. I’m also looking forward to fall. I drive a convertible, so cooler weather is better for riding with the top down.
        What type of paint do you prefer? Acrylic, watercolor, oils?


      2. I used to paint. I’d love to pick it up again. I’m only a beginner, but I really enjoy putting the paint on the canvas to see what comes out. I use acrylics as well. I’ve also been slowly teaching myself to play the guitar.
        What kind of stuff do you do besides paint (extremely well!) and write?


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