I Feel Like Fail

I feel like I am really not worth much right now. My green card is expired and I need to get it renewed and we are trying to sell a house, which you need ID for. I thought I had until 2017, but I was completely wrong on the date and am now super late on getting it done. I hope that sending the paper work off this weekend will rectify it so I stop feeling like this.

I told my husband that I didn’t feel like my life was worth anything and I honestly meant it. I don’t do anything and I know that has to change but when getting out of bed is an accomplishment what are you supposed to do. Hubby thinks it’ll be another week before I get feeling better. I hope he’s right about this one too.



  1. Something that was recommended to me, to stay on track in life, is to have structure, a routine. If you don’t work this is no easy task. You have to find regular things to do, and then do them. I started writing a schedule for myself, it’s not easy. If I was rich I would have no problem. I’d be out shopping everyday morning til night lol.


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