I’m Such A Bitch

I am so grumpy. I’ve noticed all I have been doing the last few weeks is bitching about this or bitching about that. I’m surprised my husband can even tolerate me.

I’ve also been painting as you know I’ve finished about four so far and I’m working on three more, maybe more I’m just really enjoying it. I’ll post more pictures soon.
I do have a photo to post tonight that makes me giggle every time I see it as I think it is worded poorly, tell me what you think!
I personally don’t want that big of a shot :p

Tonight I was also working on a piece of art which is a mix of two pieces I have done. I rather like how it turned out.

Anyhow I’m keeping it short, gonna chill with hubby and try to think positive thoughts. Only 5 more days until therapists. I’d go twice a week if I could!


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