Am I Crazy?

Today we went out and looked at houses. We both instantly fell in love with one. We agreed on everything about it . The would be room for guests and a giant art room for me. The kitchen was so amazing I wanted to start baking right there. It’s even in our price range.

The problem is that it is a model home. We would have to wait 6 months before we could move into our own, which means 6 months staying with the mom in law. 6 months of putting up with family and their bullshit.

There are of course positives. 6 months of saving money paying down our credit and saving for closing costs. We would have the house we wanted, designed the way we want. With all th little nooks and crannies we have thought about. We can even purchase the lot in an area we want.

Still 6 months Is a long damn time of holding my tongue and smiling. Sure I will have therapy every week but then my mom in law lo be driving me to it.

I’m stressed and it’s making my body hurt, a lot! I just want to curl in a ball. However I can’t even do that, got to go to the dentists tomorrow and then the nieces birthday. I even bought the spoiled little princess a present. Fucking entitled 6 year olds… Sigh

ill know tomorrow if we are going to do the house thing, please send good vibes.


  1. Perhaps look at the support you are going to get. It seems nice that your mother-in-law will take the time to drive you to your therapy appointment. And young children enjoy presents, there is nothing wrong with that, I don’t think it’s a sense of entitlement at that young age. I think you have a great opportunity to save, as you say. To achieve the home you want seems worth the wait and the slight frustration you will go through. Many people would not get this opportunity.
    Good luck with it all and whatever decision you make.


  2. It may seem like a prison sentence but it’ll be a short one though not ideal … I agree with Glenn good luck on whatever decision you make. You’ve had a lot of change quick so hang in there!


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