I’m Managing

Hubby has been gone for over 24 hours. I managed to sleep last night and only have a little anxiety.

Today has been okay, been wandering the web and finding things to both laugh and hang my head at.  Seriously people are interesting to watch. I don’t generally like to interact with em, but I will voyeur via web or store or whatever. The internet is like a rabbit hole. You start out looking for the most innocent of things and can end up at the most horrific or hilarious.

I always try to be a good person I am no angel and I have done bad things in the past but I don’t think I have ever done anything that would purposely hurt someone. It amazes me that people are constantly doing horrible things to strangers, friends, people at work or even worse the people that they say they love. Murders, abuse of all kinds, lies and deceit.  It makes me sad.

People also do the most hilarious silly things. Things that make you shake your head or laugh. Last night I was in tears reading the autocorrects for texts. Now the phone does the autocorrect but the people post them. They post embarrassing pictures that have been taken of themselves as well.  (I think this includes all selfies) heh

I want to hate people, I really do. I can’t though because it is like watching animals in the zoo, you never know what you are going to see/read/hear next.


  1. News tends to focus on the bad side of humans, including self indulgent pseudo celebrities.But there are so many more people who just live normal lives, although they are not generally in news stories.
    I try to keep things in perspective and notice all the good things that people do on a daily basis. Like helping someone on or off a bus, or giving some loose change to the homeless person.
    And when you start to notice these positive behaviours, it gives balance to the bad stuff I read about in the papers and sometimes see people do.


  2. Here is some good news – sorry it’s not related to your above post….I am officially nominating you for a LIEBSTER AWARD. You can win more than one of the Liebster awards – I read about a blogger who won five of them!

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    8) If you could live any time period, when you would you chose?

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    CONGRATULATIONS TO A Bipolars Reality for outstanding contributions to the blogging community! :)))


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