I’m Managing

Hubby has been gone for over 24 hours. I managed to sleep last night and only have a little anxiety.

Today has been okay, been wandering the web and finding things to both laugh and hang my head at.  Seriously people are interesting to watch. I don’t generally like to interact with em, but I will voyeur via web or store or whatever. The internet is like a rabbit hole. You start out looking for the most innocent of things and can end up at the most horrific or hilarious.

I always try to be a good person I am no angel and I have done bad things in the past but I don’t think I have ever done anything that would purposely hurt someone. It amazes me that people are constantly doing horrible things to strangers, friends, people at work or even worse the people that they say they love. Murders, abuse of all kinds, lies and deceit.  It makes me sad.

People also do the most hilarious silly things. Things that make you shake your head or laugh. Last night I was in tears reading the autocorrects for texts. Now the phone does the autocorrect but the people post them. They post embarrassing pictures that have been taken of themselves as well.  (I think this includes all selfies) heh

I want to hate people, I really do. I can’t though because it is like watching animals in the zoo, you never know what you are going to see/read/hear next.

Getting Ready – A Bipolars Guilde To A Night Out

Normal Mood:
Shower – Want to Smell Great, Plus I’ll use this cute perfume.
Find outfit – look through closet and find something pretty easy.
Shoes – These are cute and can walk in them
Makeup – Not too much I hate the clean up afterwards.
Hair – I’ll wear it up, it’s easier and I am horrible at styling.
Husbands Compliment of me looking nice. – thank you!

Depressed Mood
Shower – Nah too much work, maybe tomorrow.
Find Outfit – I have no energy, I’ll just take this sundress that I threw on the floor a week ago.
Shoes – I wish I could just wear my slippers, but I guess I’ll change to sandals.
Makeup – Nah too much work.
Hair – it looks fine, a little bedheady but that’s all the rage.
Husbands Compliment of me looking nice – ya whatever.

Hypersexualized Mood
Shower – Invite hubby in for a quickie.
Find Outfit- Dance around the house naked, teasing hubby. Eventually pick out the sluttiest dress I have.
Shoes- 5 inch stilettos, perfect.
Makeup- Dark red lipstick and a smoky eye. Sultry.
Hair – Wow this curling iron looks like a dick. Ask hubby for another quickie.
Hubbies Compliment of me looking nice – Another quickie of course. What a great way to thank him. Why does he look pained.

Hypomanic Mood
Shower – Turn on the tunes and spend 30 extra minutes in the shower singing into the loofa.
Find Outfit- This one looks good, how about this one, this one, ooh I like this one. Maybe not.. This one? Hmm okay this one.
Shoes- Tries on 20 different Shoes, 1 foot at a time, running 2 hours late now. Show hubby them all and discuss 5 different topics with him while you are doing it.
Makeup – Damn my hand is shaking, guess I am going with the bright green. Do you know how come eyes are different colors? and that I’m part Irish?
Hair – Up? Down? Curls? Ugh I’ll just brush it out, my natural waves will do, right? Right?
Hubbies Compliment of me looking nice – Thanks, but did you mean the dress? Do the shoes look ok? Hey did you see the thing on the news about the stuff? Can I just stay home and paint, or make jewelry or write?

Bitchy Mood
Shower – Fuck that.
Find Outfit – I hate all these clothes, I hate everything in my closet.
Find Shoes – Throw a shoe at hubby for wondering what’s taking me so long
Makeup – No one will notice, screw it.
Hair – As I put a pony tail in I mumble and swear to myself about not wanting to go.
Hubbies Compliment of me looking nice – Fuck you. Start a fight about something stupid and end up not going.

A Little Tired

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I’ve been super tired today and almost forgot to write in my blog, that would have been pretty upsetting. I don’t have much to talk about, my mood is still up and that’s great! I hope it stays that way for the next 9 days, after that, I can handle a little down time I am sure.

So I thought I would just post a couple cute bipolar posts.

People make fun of our bipolarity but I think it’s kind of funny to laugh at ourselves 🙂

Funny Comic

Just this one in particular, seemed accurately funny.. You might not want to look at others if you are easily offended.

Family Values

Mom and my sister are here. I was stressed out but woke up slightly hypo-manic but happy which is a really nice change. It was so wonderful to see my sister whom I haven’t seen in about 13 years. My niece is beautiful and my mom is awesome as always.

Though I really think that my insanity is inherited. Not three hours we are talking about the most ridiculous stuff. I know when I am nervous or stressed I end up talking about things I normally wouldn’t. It seems my family is quite similar. The weird thing about my family is they are like me, no censorship. This can be a good thing or a bad thing.

Tonight it was hilarious though. I swear my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Have you sat there and talked to your family about sex/fetishes? Dated someone that your mom ended up dating later?

Ya this is my life…