Friendly Fire

I am very happy that hubby is home. On his way back from the airport I asked if he would pick us up some donuts. I am giving up junk after we leave LA so I thought it would be a nice treat. He walks in the door with 4.5 dozen donuts. I mean holy shit. I don’t even know what to do with them.

I’m also pissed at him apparently. I don’t know why I figure that it is likely because he left for 3 days. I basically shut myself down about him for those days so it is showing it’s pretty little head. Seemed like a good plan at the time. I didn’t have too much anxiety unless he called me and was able to get through the time alright. Now I am questioning my entire life, which is me being dramatic, which means I am pissed at least on the inside.

I did not want to spend 3 days being stress about him not being here, about what he was doing or not doing was just easier.

To top it off there was a fricken 8 car accident out front of our building and it prevented my dinner from being delivered. I hope everyone is alright though. Stupid LA drivers though, seriously think of someone but yourself!! This is why I don’t drive. I need to though so I can have some independence..


Anyhow.. ya .. I have a good post for tomorrow but for now.. ya bitchy..


  1. So much going on … still, you could have some real fun with 4.5 dozen donuts! Pile them up and jump on them, Homer Simpson-style … make a donut castle … hold a street party … or just attract every ant within a five mile radius, I guess, which wouldn’t be quite so fun. Nor would guzzling them all and jump-starting Type II diabetes. Hmm.


  2. Driving does give independence but it can also be difficult to focus. My car is currently unregistered as I am preferring to take public transport everywhere as I live in a in a very accessible place. But stops out the front and around the corner take me to most places and the 5 minute walk to Central Station, which all trains run to or through is great.

    Your hubby is your stalwart so it’s no wonder you miss him so much.

    You are lucky to have someone like him.


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