Lithium May Be Bad

I am  annoyed. No I’m beyond annoyed. Everything is ticking me off and I have no patience.  I wanted to throw my laptop across the room because it isn’t loading properly. People are saying stupid ass shit, which makes me want to say mean ass shit. Grrrr.

I had a pleasant day earlier, went out grocery shopping and had lunch at olive garden. Then I bought a new cute pink purse and wallet. After that it all went to shit. Plus I think I am getting another head cold. So I don’t  know what is setting me off.. Just general annoyance, lithium or who fricken knows.

Anyhow, can’t make a decision after one day whether lithium is for me, I just know I have to be careful because I am sensitive to medications..

Wish me luck I need it.


  1. I thought lithium wasn’t too bad, the only reason I stopped was that it hurt my stomach hurt so much. I know how scary it is to have to change meds in any way because it seems to be totally different for each person. I wish you luck!


  2. I took it for 10 years and it was not for me but my psych doctor was old school and believed in it.
    I personally think it’s a bitch of a drug and finally got off it as I was hospitalised for nausea (non toxic) a number of times.
    That being said it works great for some people although it doesn’t sound like you are having a great time at the moment I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  3. I hope you are doing better now my dear! It took me time to get used to lithium but it worked and helps me. I am hoping the same thing for you! Xo. Keep us posted!


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