One Thing At A Time

Today my husband tried to tell me that I was going to go to the store with him. Turns out he is concerned about me. I didn’t even realize. I just kind of figured he was into his own shit and didn’t notice just how fucked up I’ve become. He’s a wonderful husband, just not very aware of whats going on around him. If I decided to put make up on he wouldn’t notice unless my lips were whore red. He’s a man, what can you expect.. just kidding no one get uptight about it.

I didn’t want to do anything again today, but I had a shower. That’s a big one for me, especially when I am alone in the house. I usually ask hubby to talk to me while I am doing it.

As soon as it gets a bit warmer I am gonna have hubby take me for a walk every day, there is a dirt road I can see from my upstairs window and I’m very interested in exploring it.

Til tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Speaking from the perspective of the hubby, sometimes we simply don’t want to “force” too much when our spouse is depressed. However there are times when we feel we need to step in and perhaps inject some motivation.

    Take care!


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