It Saved My Life

I decided to do another daily post challenge. Going Obsolete. Check it out here

I miss the monochrome monitor and the 1200 baud modem. I miss when computers were used pretty much only for communicating and nothing else. BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems) were an amazing social outlet and you would be able to easily make friends with people in your town and surrounding areas.

One monochrome monitor and 1200 baud modem literally saved my life. It allowed me to escape a horribly abusive men whose violence was escalating. I don’t think I was all that far from him killing me.

I was agoraphobic and terrified to tell anyone. Logging in and talking to strangers allowed me some anonymity and I found unlike my family or the police they actually believed me. I was offered a place to stay and help to get away.  So of all the things that have gone obsolete I miss these the most.


  1. I don’t really miss any of the “extinct” technology as we have moved into far better devices and the internet makes the world seem smaller than ever before in it’s ability to connect people.
    Connecting with peers, through whatever technology is invaluable. Sharing experiences provides understanding about what we are going through. And isolation can be a killer. You can still have alot of anonymity by choosing pen names if you choose to.

    Although I have to say that in the past I hid behind the anonymity and that was not helpful. I prefer now to be myself and put it all out there. I think we connect better when it is more personal and a name can assist in that process.

    The old monochrome monitors tended to hurt my eyes after sitting at them for any length of time. I’m all for modern technology including the flexibility of mobiles.




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