I Am Pissed For A Reason

This is not meant to be political.

This is Mental Health Month. We need to help people with mental illness of all types.
homeless man photo: Homeless Gif.gif

There are so many people living on the streets of the United States it is frightening. Regan closed all the asylums that were there for the people who were unable to look after themselves. So now they suffer with their illness alone and in the streets struggling to survive. This country is a country where we should not have issues like this.  There should be places for these people to go, to get medications, to get assistance. It hurts my heart to think of these people out there. I am not talking about the people who are perfectly able to get off their asses and work. I’m talking about the truly dysfunctional. How do we help them? You can give them food, you can give them money but in the end they are still going to be unable to function as a healthy human being. I want to help. I want to make a change for them. What do I do? Maybe we can figure it out together. If enough people band together they can get something done right?


  1. Hear, hear! (Perhaps I shouldn’t comment, as I’m writing from Australia, but I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said. We face similar problems here, though the way our medical system is structured makes it somewhat easier for people to access help – though there’s still that disenfranchised, voiceless fringe which we need to fight for, speak up for.)


  2. I am in Australia and I have written about my empathy for the dysfunction in our society. Many are quick to judge those street people as drug addicts who have brought things onto themselves. And I used to agree with those comments but I no longer hold that opinion. I don’t think anyone would choose such a hard life. I don’t think there is an easy answer but raising awareness is probably a good start. I applaud the work of organisations that provide support.


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