What To Do?

I have been feeling off, I can’t allow this to control my life though. I have a cold and I should just be resting to get over it. Instead I have been worried about death. It’s filled my thoughts constantly nagging me. Pulling at my heart and soul. I want to live it a long life. I want to enjoy life. I want to be with Jim as long as I can be.
I have to stop living in fear, fear does nothing but waste life. I need to life life life.. Enjoy the wonderful things in life. The plants, the clear blue skies. The zoo, the movies. My art. I need to live.
I need to be medicated again and I am looking forward tackling with my shrink and therapist about working on my bipolarity and helping me live life again. I was doing fabulous before I came back here and I’ve backslide. I do that too much. I can’t allow myself to be pushed back to nothing again.
I am strong!

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