Let It Rain

It’s been raining non stop since yesterday and it’s like a cathartic rain cleaning away my holiday humbugs. My mother in law is decorating the house and burning holiday scented canadles and it is making me look forward to Chritmas instead of dreading it like I always do.

Honestly there is some deep buried thing that makes holidays for us and as soon as I move into my home I will go back to the therapist. Always end up complaining about living here and it solves nothing.

I sent out cards to my family this year which I haven’t done in years. Even to my father who really has nothing to do with my life and my grandparents whom I miss very much.

Do you love or dread the holidays? How does it affect your mental illness? I’d love to hear. that I am not the only one that is affects.image


  1. I think if the holidays were contained to a couple weeks, I might enjoy them. I work retail, so I’ve been dealing with Christmas since October. I pretty much hate it at this point. And, yeah, it wears on my mental health, too. All the stress and chaos of tired, angry people taking their Christmas “joy” out on me. I’m glad you’re able to kind of get into the spirit of things this year. Hope it gets you through the next 10 days.


  2. I love the quiet solitude of christmas. I stay in, by myself, make something nice to eat and quietly watch TV. In my old life, christmas was the worst week – my alcoholic husband would make merry for christmas, then his birthday followed by new years eve. It was more than my nerves could take. It was traumatic. But now I soak up the peace. My only grumble would be the holiday-makers flocking to the beaches and pushing us locals to one side. But hey, we have the beach for the rest of the year 🙂 I do worry about my ability to form a new routine as I will be on leave for 2 weeks. But I have some plans in place, so I’ll have to wait and see. I do love your christmas tree by the way! VERY festive 🙂

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  3. Ever since my Dad died the holidays aren’t the same for me, as we were very close, and unfortunately I look forward to them being over and done with for the most part.

    I do love the beauty associated with winter holidays though, i.e. trees, lights, scents, music….At least this year we’re going out of town to where there’s snow – I’m VERY grateful about that! If we had to go to a bunch of holiday parties and socialize with strangers and/or relatives my mental health would be adversely affected, so thank God that won’t be the case.


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