I Didn’t Post Yesterday

I was exhausted and by the time I realized that I hadn’t posted my blog I was way to tired to make it all the way up the stairs and wait for the computer to start.

I also really truly had nothing to say. My mood was the same from the day before and the only thing that had changed was my clothes. No wait I was still in my jammies from the day before so not even that changed.

Today I woke up and did yoga. I unpacked a couple more boxes and went out to a few stores with hubby to get some essentials. Today was worth getting on the blog for.

I’m still taking the wellbutrin and pristiq and latuda. I don’t know if they are making much of a difference. Right now it doesn’t feel like it. I suppose getting things done and going out is better than laying in bed all day though right?

One comment

  1. I’m proud of you for going out and getting things done!! Moving is super-stressful and I think you’re doing a great job despite the difficulties!


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