I woke up today and I don’t know how I feel other than  very unmotivated and fidgety . I can’t sit still long enough to get into any TV shows and I have no motivation to do anything that requires movement.

I also do not feel like writing my blog today.  I don’t feel like doing anything.

My brain is all wrapped up in all the negative things going on in America right now. I’m feeling afraid and lost. All I keep thinking is that we are so fucking screwed.

However I am realizing as I write this listening to music, that the music is doing something wonderful. It’s distracting my brain. Enough that I can breathe a little. Really makes me miss my weed though. Nothing is better than getting stoned and just laying back listening to some upbeat dance music (or whatever you like).  It’s so wonderful feeling. The music is good on it’s own of course, I love music.

It actually makes me want to start moving my tushy and dance around as opposed to sitting here and doing this.. So I am going to go and dance while I am in the mood to do something. *shakes booty*



  1. Something that helps me when I feel anxious and I am endlessly ruminating, is playing Scrabble! Surprisingly enough, but you are using the logical part of your brain trying to make words and (oh so thankfully) not the emotional side of your brain. Music must do something similar. Glad you feel better and danced! Hugs.


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