Nothing Going On But The Rent

Seriously I hate the first of the month. Paying for rent in California could be two 300k home mortgages in Omaha. I always feel like it is throwing money away. Not like this apartment is amazing, there’s been construction going on for the better part of the three years we have lived here. Constant noise and men yelling.

When I have insomnia which I do now, you would think I would be able to get a little peaceful time to nap for an hour or two, but nope. jackhammers, drills and other noisy little tools grinding and purring and rumbling.

I don’t know how people can live in cities like New York where there is constant noise. I can’t even stand the noise of people talking in a restaurant if there is not music for me to focus on in the background.

My perfect home would be a little ranch with a small one horse barn and a corral for it to run in. The problem with that is that it seems these are the places that are often hit by tornados. Tornado season in Omaha is scary enough, so I will likely live in a neighborhood with lots of houses. Is it increasing my chances of not getting hit? It’s unlikely but I would at least feel safer.

And honestly I don’t mind the sound of the tornado alarms nearly as much as I hate living in this apartment.


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