Almost Time For Bed

Its 10:14pm and i should be heading to bed but i am just a little to stressed to sleep quite yet. I added a countdown to my first ECT appt and you’ll be able to see when it starts for me. I wish I could film the whole thing for everyone to see. I wonder if they would let me, cant hurt to ask right? I could get hubs or a nurse to record it.

Eh we’ll see. I’m gonna chill and watch some Sherlock Holmes then head to bed, see you sometime tomorrow, hopefully


  1. I have had ECT. Actually I just had it in June…You won’t feel a thing, but you might be really tired and have a headache the first couple of times. Just make sure you drink lots of water so they can find a vein easily, and eat a ton on your off days. It’s scary the first time, but it gets easier, Good luck to you!


  2. Good luck my dear – it will work and truly help you. I know it will! I only had a very mild headache the first time and I wasn’t that tired. Everyone reacts differently. I never was told to eat a ton on off days, and after having rounds of both unilateral and bilateral and reading five etc books I would advise you to eat what you usually eat! Check with your doctor… xoxo


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