Listen To The Music

Trying hard to be easier on myself. I’m still smoking the weed, but I will be out in a couple days and will decide if I will get more then not now.

I’ve been up feeling like shit physically and it’s dragging me down. So I decided to put on some music and see if that would help. Funnily enough it did. I always forget the positive effect that music has in my life.

I put on some up beat dance music and even danced a little as I sang my favorites at the top of my lungs. It definitely helped some of my anxiety, well until I thought about it too much.

Does music affect your moods?


  1. Hi there, it’s me, the one who was a ‘chronic’ and then in career, an LA based TV actor, commercials too, then later for a decade an alternative (nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots Depeche Mode Smiths)…..Disc jockey, worked my way up into being music director/assistant program director for “The Edge” and “Kukq” in Phoenix, “The Peak” in Spokane, “The X” in LA…where abouts do you live? Music, from a kid listening to Dr. Demento on LA’s free form (and last to die) fm, KMET to now, in my ‘disability’ retirement, listening to Sirius, where my friends who are still clinging on post digital revolution which made most of us disc jockeys redundant….why hire any when you can get one to do the audio talk breaks of six more???? But I have friends who remotely phone in their in between records wit and wisecracks. I have chronic pain, too. Three days ago, I’m in pain, driving to the gymnasium, and The Black Crowes, “Jealousj Again” starts playing and my pain level, up at a blistering 7 goes down to a 3 on a scale of 1-10. Lately, I’ve taken to the practice of doing my writing and reading with a Walkman on. Especially my reading. Music affects our brains. Neoplastically. There’s a connection. It’s been measured. I’m researching the research and am going to do a blog on it in a month or so. Will you give me a click? I’ll put out a APV on my wordpress blog…are you following me???? I’m “Bipolar Strength: Rebel WITH a Cause.”
    I would love it if you could just click. Tomorrow I use the ‘list format’ to do a complete teardown of lists in the use of bipolar disorder magazine content. Not 100% cold blanket mind you but, let’s be dignified and not ride shotgun with “Celebrity Cellulite,” right?

    Also, how long you at this wp blogging thing? Have you ever checked out aopinionated man, who is now “A good book is hard to find” and promoting books to his ‘followers’ who count 70k worth of good peeps?

    I wish I had my tardive book at the ready…..

    Have you self published yet or would you know how to guide someone through the process for a fee or know anyone who would?


  2. “Listen to the Music”…..Doobies. Did you know that their 2nd vocalist (not the same as the one on “Black Water” Michael McDonald, sings on a few Steely Dan tracks)?

    I find Doobies real soulful, I encourage you to listen to as much music you like as you can.
    Steely Dan Lyric; From “Change of the Guard”
    Hello Thelonious, my old friend.
    It’s so good to see you let me shake your hand.
    For one more time,
    let your madness run with mine.

    And it gets better.
    At night you hide from the madman you’re longing to be.
    But it all comes out on the inside, eventually.

    “Here at the Western World.”

    Band couldn’t tour, probably for many of same reasons Guns and Roses had difficulty keeping a schedule. Axl. Same prob as rapper DMX, so brilliant but such a bad boy.

    Have you seen the level of the cosmetic work on Aerosmith’s Stephen Tylers mug in the skittles commercial? He looks 35,, not pulled all tight or alarmed like a deer in headlights. Some of the best work I’ve ever ever seen.


  3. I live and breath music. When I’m down, there’s music that relates to my pain and sadness and I don’t feel so alone. I listen to music to calm me down, help me focus, stop the internal chatter in my head. I use certain lyrics in songs as mantras that I repeat over and over in my head when the going gets tough. I have music for every aspect in my life


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