Forgiving Myself

I have been beating myself up for quite some time. The depression grabs hold of me and my house and hygiene go to shit.

I stop caring about anything but caring about everything. That probably doesn’t make any sense. I care what other people think. I judge myself as I think others would judge me and I never give myself a break. I’m constantly hammering shit into my own head about how horrific everything is.

Honestly, yes my house is a little untidy, is it dirty? no. I showered a few days ago which is good.

I just need to forgive myself for the depression controlled events and maybe it will help me get through them just a little bit easier.

Do you ever have anything similar happen? Remember to be easy on yourself. It’s super hard but we have to try right?


  1. Not only forgive yourself but also recognize the little victories you have each day and celebrate them!


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