A Funny Thing Happened

Mood : Elated!

Hubby is finally home!!! Thank goodness. However before he came home he talked to me a lot about what I was going through. He even suggested that I be my boldest and talk to my mom. So I paced around the house and built up my nerve and when she came home I asked if she could talk.

I asked her to just listen while I said my piece. I actually had made a note so I could read from it and keep on track. I thanked her for helping with the housework and told her that I hope she didn’t feel obligated to do it. I told her that if she wanted to help me with my bipolar, I didn’t need advice but just a ear to bend.  I even told her that this is not what I expected from the visit.

As the night went on I started feeling better, like a weight had been lifted off my chest. I was laughing and talking and feeling more comfortable. I am not sure if this was just the talk or the talk and the combination of hubby coming home but when I woke up this morning I felt even better, I woke smiling even with just 3 hours sleep!

I go to the doctors the day after my birthday, so I am excited about that, also a little nervous because I am afraid that I won’t be believed because my mood has no edge currently. I guess we’ll see..

Thank you for the comments, they have helped!!


  1. That’s great! My guess it’s a combination of all. While I’m still feeling crappy, talking here makes me feel better. But it’s only here. I don’t know anyone here in real life and probably never will. I can say anything I want about my past without judgements. But I didn’t share a link to my Facebook. I don’t want the looks. I can’t talk to people like that.
    If you found someone your able to talk with then that’s great. Keep talking


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