A Little Better

Today I am feeling a little better, though the fact that I have missed writing in my blog a couple times this week pisses me off.

I’ve noticed I am quick to get angry over the stupidity of humans. Like super pissed. Today this guy decided that a stop sign meant nothing to him, luckily for us we were moving at the right speed that he didn’t cause any problems. I flipped him the bird and shouted.. I’m so glad I’m not a driver, I might have run into him on purpose to show him what a dumb ass he was.. fucker..

Anyhow today I am spending the day doing thing that I enjoy. Like watching anime and playing on the computer with my hubby. There is a nice light rain and it’s comfortable, you know that feeling I hope?

Anyhow that’s my blog for the day and I’m sticking to it.



  1. I am glad you are feeling better. I understand the fact about being pissed off about not blogging. I find it quite ironic that I finish writing and posting on my blog today about blogging that I go into my reader and find out that you are “pissed off” about not blogging. I’m sorry about the jerk who ran the stop sign. People can be such buttheads especially when driving.


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