pokemon go

I Did It

Last night I went to Gretna Days, which is basically a little fair our tiny town has. It was small which was a perfect introduction to being around people. We had some fair food and watched the people enjoying the rides and games. I like to people watch. I’m quite proud of myself.

Honestly though that Pokemon Go is what is really getting me out of the house. It really distracts me from my social anxiety and allows me to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. Things I need.

Last night I found some weed that had fallen back in a drawer it was just enough for me to get stoned and I admit it felt awesome. I don’t want to go back to doing it every day again though, I think that’s the reason I ended up where I am.

Gonna enjoy things while I can.

Gotta Catch Em All

As I said I downloaded Pokemon go to play and get me out of the house more. Today I did just that. Me and hubby drove around a little and found some Pokemon and some gyms and other things. It was a lot of fun and we got to explore a really nice park we didn’t even know was there.

First day of my month off of weed and I already accomplished some going out. Go me. lol.

My husband says he feels silly cause we are in our forties catching Pokemon.  Yet he was having just as much fun. 🙂 Something not only to go out but do together. 🙂 I’m level 3 now!


I decided to download pokemon go on my phone to try and get out a little more. I don’t know if it will help but hubby and I are going to his mom’s Saturday and hopefully I’ll catch one or two.

I’m still quite depressed and don’t feel like doing much.