Gotta Catch Em All

As I said I downloaded Pokemon go to play and get me out of the house more. Today I did just that. Me and hubby drove around a little and found some Pokemon and some gyms and other things. It was a lot of fun and we got to explore a really nice park we didn’t even know was there.

First day of my month off of weed and I already accomplished some going out. Go me. lol.

My husband says he feels silly cause we are in our forties catching Pokemon.  Yet he was having just as much fun. 🙂 Something not only to go out but do together. 🙂 I’m level 3 now!

A Long Day

This morning my mother in law suggests that we go to this place called egg and I for breakfast. It was ok, nothing spectacular. I had to send my orange juice back because there was shit stuck on the outside, like old egg or something.

Then we took her out to see the lot we bought and we toured the model again. We drove around the town checking out an outlet mall, a car show and the towns days. Like a mini fair.

After that I went to pier one and I was giddy, I didn’t buy anything but I swear that thinking about decorating made my panties wet. Ha!

After that e went to lunch, mom in law was starting to get crabby and brought my mood down, so I drank a tall beer and we got our food to go, eating them promptly falling into a deep nap.

It was nice to have a very busy day and not think. I think that is what I really need to do because if I ha to much time to myself I get sick and depressed.

Plus I want to keep on my new diet that I started. I don’t want surgery unless it is really necessary, I think I can do it myself. I hope. Trying to think more positively.