Online Relationships the New Status Quo?

This post has nothing to do with my mood but I am tired of complaining about how shitty I feel. So I thought I would ponder..

I’ve mentioned many times that my husband and I met in an online game, last post even. I know several other couples who met in the very same way and are in healthy loving relationships. My best friend is a person whom I’ve only spoken to online, is also bipolar and we get along fabulously. Do I miss the normality of one on one face time. Yep sure do. I’ll do that again someday but right now I think there are a lot of positives about meeting people online though. Being agoraphobic and suffering social anxiety, this really works well for me.

It seems to be the new dating thing, match.com, e-harmony etc etc..  I think the best part of meeting someone online is that you don’t have to put up a front. Sadly most of these sites convince you to put up a picture to bring in more pokes and prods. I think that is a flaw in itself as we always put our prettiest pictures up. . We aren’t what we are physically. Though a more physical person might be more active, in the grand scheme you will one day grow old with the person you choose for a partner and you are going to be wrinkly and withered (hopefully a really really long time) so that substance of a person should really be something we consider before looks. Pretty doesn’t last forever.

Games (I am sure there are other medias, but my mind is blank) bring people together with a common interest in a very relaxed atmosphere and you get to really talk to people. Yep there are a lot of assholes and some creeps, my stalker introduced me to my husband, LOL. That’s  true for anywhere though, always a mix. I just think it is easier to find your life-mate doing things you love.

Now this might work well in the outside world for many. Not all of us have the luxury though. I think that being online in games, chat-rooms will really give you relationships of substance if you are afraid to step out your door..  *shrug*