Damn Dogs!!

It is an amazing how much a 9 pound yorkie can mess my mood up. she has taken to biting when we try to move her away from something specially when there is food involved. While this is showing me that she has no respect for my authority it also hurts my feelings which is ridiculous. I think I might have to give her away because I don’t have the capability for getting her training and she needs to learn how to behave ..

Maybe they have in home training.

Either way she took what was a good mood day for me down to a sad day.. My emotions are far to fragile.. damn dog…


  1. Ah, dogs. I’m sorry your little one had such a negative impact on your mood today. Does she ever lift your mood?
    We chose to euthanize our dog of many years a few summers ago when, due to old age, his quality of life had diminished to virtually zero. It was a really hard decision, but I believe it was the best one. Although he could sometimes be a pain in the butt, he was a light in our lives. His great devotion to us (even though it sometimes took unwanted expressions – such as barking at any conceivable threat to the house), his unconditional love, his companionship, the way he’d look at you with loving understanding as you felt shitty about the day – he was an absolute darling.
    Still, we have chosen not to take on another doggy companion for a while. It has freed us up to be able to go away, to live in places without large gardens (he needed his space) and so forth.
    I hope your little one’s behaviour problems settle down soon.
    Take care, and may tomorrow be a better day.


    1. Most days she is such a wonderful little girl full of love and so adorable she makes me smile. I think the fact that she is spoiled rotten makes her think she is the head of the house. Plus she has pancreatic and that makes her cranky as she makes no sounds to let us know she is in pain and needs her medication. She is only 2 years old I think maybe taking her to obedience school will help.

      I am sorry about the loss of your pet. They are such a huge part of our lives. I am not sure I would be able to replace Ren or her Brother, they are my kids. Thank you so much for writing 🙂


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