Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Living with my mom in law is not all that it is cracked at to be.

There are going to be times when there is conflict. Food, TV Shows, etc.

I can see the conflicts coming.

I love hanging out with her. I miss time alone with my husband. I miss being able to watch or listen to what I want.

I’m gettting pre-frustrated. Ya thats a word, now anyhow. lol.

Must breathe, breathe..


  1. Living with the in-laws for more than a week long visit seems like it would be pure hell. I don’t know that many people would see it as a good thing.

    Hang in there. Only 7 more months to go, right?


    1. Less then 5 acutally, but sometimes it feels so much longer. That’s one of the reason i go to the house building almost every day. A little movement using brings me out of my house istuation hum-drums.


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