Today I Was Quite Proud of Myself

Most people would think much of it but people recovering from agoraphobia will dig where I’m coming from.

I walked to the mail box all on my own.  It’s about half a block away from the house so that’s really the farthest I have gone on my own since California. (over 8 months) I think this is something I need to start adding to my daily things since it gets me exercising and gives me exposure to the outdoors? What do you think?

My mood is ok today. Not super up but not super down. I’m just right in the middle where I can smile and I can frown.

My shrink wants me to set my alarm in the morning and start taking my wellbutrin and pristiq earlier but I am still fighting to sleep as late as I can. I manage to sleep until 11:00. I don’t know what I would do with myself with those two extra hours. I think I am going to have to take her advice though.

I start therapy again in 4 days so maybe that will help, we shall see.


  1. Yay! Good job. I know this was an important thing to do. Maybe the conditions in your mind and other conditions were just right for you being able to do this. Do you know what was different in the state of your mind that you were able to go outside and that far from the house?
    It would be great if those conditions could be duplicated.

    Some days I have terrible anxiety leaving the house. I am trying to find ways to combat this, because it causes me lots of consequences when I cannot go out until late at night, or when I have so much trouble leaving the house that I leave late.

    Some days it is worse than others but I feel like it has gotten progressively worse.

    Good job accomplishing that walk!



    1. What I do is just ask myself what the worst thing that can honestly happen. Even the small stuff was making it hard for me to go out. So now I just say screw it and go do it anyway. The worst thing that can happen is I have to return home early really.
      I still have times where the anxiety paralyzes me, but I find that the more I push myself the less anxiety I have.


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