Nausea, Anxiety and Relief

I went to the chiropractors and 15 mins later I walked out and was feeling some relief. He explained my chest muscles are stronger then my back muscles and it was making my neck and body all off. He cracked the shit out of me. I thought he was gonna spin my neck around as he made it make sounds that I didn’t know it could. He showed me some exercises to work on my back muscles and stretch my chest muscles. I don’t need to go back until I have been doing the exercises for a few weeks!

I went out to breakfast with my mom in law afterwards it was nice and we had a good time conversing and joking with one another. Then we went shopping at Walmart and I bought her these cute solar mushroom shaped lamps for her birthday plus the exercise things I needed. There was no anxiety, it was very relaxed.

When we came home I was more relaxed then I had been in a while and I did some painting then just played around on my iPad chilling, going for a short walk then playing on my iPad some more. We decided the three of us would go to chilis and mom and I drove there to meet hubby and all was still good. We went in, ordered drinks and food and then I started feeling a little nauseated. I am having some drainage and I made the mistake of ordering strawberry lemonade without having any acid reducer. I just stated worrying about throwing up. As a lot of you may know being sick in public is one of the things I am most terrified of.

Needless to say that it started an anxiety spiral and the rest of the meal was ruined for me, I am still feeling kind of gross but hopefully it will calm down. Plus I start my Xanax tonight so that’s about it!

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