Right On The Edge

I’m on the edge of a mood. It’s been an up and down day. My prick of an ex-brother-in-law is trying to make everyone’s life a living hell. Mostly my mom in law cause he is so fucking selfish. If I had my way he’d never get a job again and would have to live on the streets.

He and my sister in law expect my MIL to watch my nephews and niece for like 12 fucking hours a day. She in her mid 60’s and should be allowed to relax but she is too good of a woman to tell them to go fuck themselves. It’s making me seethe. At least I have a reason to be pissed for a change.

On the good news front we now have a gigantic basement sized hole on. On our lot. I’ll post pictures tomorrow. For now I’m done before I curse anymore. I’m a regular patty mcpottymouth.


  1. In-law drama and a gigantic hole in your lot sounds like a recipe for STRESS! Best of luck weathering it all. I, like you, often have trouble distancing myself from other people’s problems, but it helps if you are able to do so. Try to keep in mind the Serenity Prayer – basically that you cannot control other people’s choices. Sounds like your mother-in-law needs to speak up on her own behalf.


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