Even When Your Not In The Mood

I write my blog every day but I don’t always feel like it. Sometimes I stumble over what to say or my day has been so vanilla that there has been nothing interesting emotionally to write about. Yet it is the one promise that I keep to myself. Trust me I’ve made tons.

I’ve started diets and failed multiple times and exercise programs. Cleaning the house or myself. Wearing makeup or doing my hair. None of these things have I ever done for this amount of time.

So I’m writing, I’m here today and I will be tomorrow. The only reason I won’t write will be because something horrific has happened. Just not wanting to is not enough of a reason not to do it.

Next year I will be doing more than writing, probably photos and stories as well as my moods, but for now this is what it is.. enjoy


  1. I read and sometimes look for your posts.. I envy how honest and accepting you are of being bipolar and the shitty ride that comes with it. I still try to ignore that I’m bipolar.. I hope I can actually accept it someday.


  2. Following through or going the distance has always been a bipolar problem with me. One minute my attention is here, and the next it is there. So I applaud you writing everyday. That is a commitment of vast proportions that I would never manage. Take heart. You are inspiring


  3. I’m so impressed that you’ve kept up your daily blogging routine, and it shows that you have massive potential to do anything you want! It’s also fulfilling for your followers to know we will hear from you even if you had a rough day – give yourself a LOT of credit for sticking to your promise! đŸ™‚ XO


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