So Frustrating

I love my husband, he is warm, funny and handsome man who puts up with all my shit. In the mornings though I want to strangle him. His alarm wakes me up several times as he hits snooze. Then as he leaves he wakes me again to ask how he looks. I always have a problem going back to sleep but then he goes down and talks to his mom for 20 mins while he plays on the computer. I can hear them talking it gets my paranoia going like crazy.

It’s like this most weekday mornings and today I just blew up at him because of it. I hate weaking up before my body wants me too, it makes me cranky for the whole day and I get so hurt he doesn’t stay and talk to me.

I know it is completely irrational.  That doesn’t stop it from happening though. I feel sorry for the poor guy. I’m glad he tolerates me. Living with a bipolar is a really hard job. I don’t know that if it were reversed I would be so damn good natured about everything.

I’m a lucky woman.


  1. Does he know how much you appreciate him? “Thank you” and “I love you” go a long way. You truly are blessed. (I’m not a morning person, either, and my husband is not a night owl, as I am.)


  2. Oh my God, I know your husband is awesome, but that routine would drive me batshit!!!!!! I agree with Kitt to let him know every day how much you love and appreciate him. As you begin to feel better (and you WILL! I just know it) this crap won’t bother you as much!



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