A Little Reprieve

Today has been better mood wise. The anxiety was also a little lower.

I’d like to thank sudafed for making my cold more managable.

I spent all day watching survivor from the beginning, up to episode 8. Not a great way to spend the day but at least I wasn’t moping, right?

I am doing well losing weight and have lost 17 pounds so far. It feels a little weird and I’m afraid to eat now. Yet I am craving junk food really badly. I am wonderfuil at self sabatoge. I know this yet I feel like this is a losing battle with christmas and all the sweets and carbs that come with it.

There I said some positive stuff today.. nuff said.


  1. 17 pounds is AWESOME!!!! I am SO SO proud of you! If you pick up anything that weighs around that amount, you will impress the shit out of yourself! Think about how those 17 pounds you’ve lost no longer impact your knee joints….it’s truly wonderful.

    Keep it up – you’ll feel more energy and you’ll feel better, I guarantee it! (Remember I used to be an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer so I can’t help but go off here….)


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