Giving Up Meat

I have decided to give up meat. I just like animals too much. I don’t enjoy the thought of them suffering so I can eat. There are tons of things for me to eat that don’t involve something getting hurt.

Hubby is at a steak house tonight for work. I swear he waited until I made up my mind to tell me lol. the shit.

It’s been a very lonely day.

SIL went out tonight so she’s not coming by. I could have had MIL over but she deserves some time to herself. Everyone that doesn’t constantly have it, needs it.


Just A Little Interaction

Just a little interaction helps improve my mood. Also my little friend came with that interaction so I am much more relaxed than I have been in days.

I’m still trying to figure out what to do about making a difference but I’ll figure it out. I think that I might just give up meat for starters. I know it would require some serious discipline but I think I can do it. I just can’t stand it anymore.

I do have a new art project I thought of that I think might turn out interesting, if I like it I’ll post a picture of it. Today I’m painting though. I’m trying to paint a flower. Not realistic or anything just something that I like. It’s going OK so far.

Wanted to do my blog before my alarm today, it always makes me go ugh even if I end up enjoying the writing.