Sleepy and Sad

SADFACEToday I woke up sad and sleepy. I don’t know that I have a trigger for my depression other than stress and I am always stressed about something. Even the smallest little things. So I spent most of my day in bed, sleeping. I was trying to block out the world.

My dogs awoke me with barking and there were some men in the courtyard outside of my apartment yelling in Spanish so I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. My patio door was wide open, we leave it that way during the day since I am always home and the dogs like to go outside and get fresh air. Sometimes when I am aware of the realness of the world if I am going to sleep I close it, usually pretty frightened. Today was completely different.

I woke up listened and said to myself if they are going to kill me, might as well just let them kill me. I’m not feeling suicidal just very tired of the ups and downs. I am looking forward to seeing my shrink on the 27th. I wish that she wasn’t always so booked that it takes a month to get into see her. But what can I do. I am not ready to find a new doctor and I am hoping that she knows me well enough to listen to what I want from my treatment.

I wonder how long the sadness will last this time, it always feels like forever… I hope this time it’s not.


  1. I go on the 27th too and I tried to get in earlier too finally he just had to give me something over the phone. Cuz I was asking to be committed… i still wish I could but the meds are working so at least I am getting some relief. I hope you find yours too.


    1. I called my doctor to verify the time and the fact I wanted to talk about ECT and all she talked about was the money from a missed apt I owed her. Hubby says I need to get a new one and he is 100% right, restarting with a new shrink is always hard though.


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