I Don’t Feel Like Posting

I hate that I promised myself I would post every day. Most days I want to but today I just don’t feel up to it.

I’m not depressed. I’m not angry. I’m actually ok.

My husband and I went and sat at the beach and watched the waves and talked about our future. It was nice because this is one of those days that I can actually see the future.

Most days I am too wrapped up in some degree of emotional hell that I can’t see anything past the point of just wanting to go to bed a sleep.

Not being medicated is scary. I remember the way I was and I know the possibility of it happening again is high. We leave next Weds and then I have an appt. set up on July first to start working on my mental health. I just need to last that long. I think I can do it.

Course I don’t know if I control my brain or my brain controls me.. We’ll find out.

One comment

  1. Being able to think of the future, such an ordinary thing for many people, so hard for others like you, like me, so glad you were able to do so today 🙂


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