My Damn Brain

I felt it coming last night, it was lurking in the background of my mind. When I woke up this morning I was super depressed. I feel like crawling back into bed and just staying there. It feels like I’ve never been happy.  I know it was okay just a day ago but it doesn’t make me feel any better.

I don’t even feel like posting my blog, but I made a promise and I don’t break my word, ever.

So here’s my post, I’m going to crawl under a blanket and watch Golden Girls.

See ya later.

As an edit, I had a nap and woke up feeling slightly better. I don’t know why but I’m grateful, I was stuck in a horrible place feeling like I couldn’t get out.


Things Are Hard Right Now

I’m very depressed. I miss my family very much. My SiL doesn’t have time for me right now because she is too busy dating. I completely understand but miss our weekly hang outs.

I haven’t been smoking any weed which makes everything feel so much harder. I like to be numb. I like to experience laughter. You know good things.

I’ve had a lot of feelings about hurting myself.  I just want the depression to end. I would like to have some focus in my life. I’m so very tired.

My husband is concerned for me and has been staying home. He doesn’t know where my brain has been going. He fears for me when I am this depressed though. He is a good kind man. So I will not hurt myself and if I can’t fight the feelings I will ask for help.

I wish I could describe this.  it’s so painful. My brain can’t focus very well right now either though.

Frustrating Day

Yesterday after going for a walk in the morning, I also went to CVS and went inside and shopped and stuff. I was a really good day.

Today I woke up and felt defeated almost immediately. I don’t know what the heck goes on with my brain honestly. I’m always my worst critic!

I keep having anxiety every time I think about going to the shrinks. I know I need to go but until it happens I will likely make it a much bigger problem than it will actually turn out to be.

Trying to think positive, not going very well so far.. The day’s not over yet.

Made It Through Night 2

I don’t know that this would have been as easy as it has been if we were in our house and I was alone. This has been pretty good though. I haven’t had a ton of anger or sadness about hubby being away and I’ve been able to sleep. All things that have been hard on me in the past. I don’t know maybe it is the meds working too. I seem to be on a more even keel.

I see my therapist tomorrow about a mood stabilizer which should also help with the mood stability.

I am thrilled hubby is coming home tonight. It won’t be until late but at least he will be curled up beside me when I am in bed.

I’ve been talking to my BFF about ADHD and wanting to work in the future. I really can only work from home currently but anything to help bring in the money again will be good. I hope I can avoid the phone sex but I think that I would do about anything if I could focus on it for more than 5-15 mins. I’ll talk to my therapist about it all though.

Really looking forward to tomorrow and maybe getting something else straightened out with my bipolarity.

Resolutions? Plausible.

I usually don’t make resolutions because honestly usually by the second week in January I have failed and am beating myself up. I realized that I make really big ones that are hard to do anytime. Like the common.. I’ll lose weight. My brain just can’t wrap itself around it. I have tried for years and haven’t been successful. So my resolutions will be smaller, easier to manage.

I gave up caffiene (I think) a few month ago. It’s been at least a couple. I didn’t think I could handle it, but it really interferes with the way my brain works and I don’t want to make things even harder on the meds meant to fix me.

So here are my resolutions.

1) Give up potatoes. I can do this, I’ve mostly stopped getting fries when I get meals so just going to expand on that.

2) I am going to try and breathe more. Like instead of freaking out and being angry or annoyed all the time I am going to take a moment out to myself, turn on some music or just have a nap and breathe. Stepping away is something I’ve been avoiding because I dread being alone. I make myself so much more than I need to.

3) I’m going to continue blogging every day. I am hoping to start my writing and picture blog back up when we get in the house and I have access to my computer. This one will keep going every day. I find that most days I actually look forward to writing. There are the ones I dread but then I feel proud of myself for doing it regardless of how I am feeling.

That’s it, nothing special, just three smallish resolutions to start the new year off. I think I can do these. Once I get into my home I may add more things to the list, but honestly there isn’t a lot of possibility of them happening whilst living in someone else’s home.

Do you think you make realistic resolutions if you made any?



The house smells like Christmas, the lights have gone up and the tree is standing. MIL is cooking a spiral ham and it just has a nice warm feel to it. I’m surprised usually anything christmasy makes me a little sad to downright depressed.

It seems I might have come out of my depressive state. (I hate saying it cause I feel like it jinx’s me) Hubby and I went to the house and took our dogs. We let them off leash and they ran around enjoying having so much space to run in. It was absolutely adorable.

I did wake up grumpy this morning, but that seems to be my usual waking state. I’m not a morning person. By the time I fully open my eyes a gazillion thoughts have ran through my head and it usually just makes me want to stay in bed. It’s those whatif’s and oh gods..

I seriously thought this morning I couldn’t go through another day like every other day, yet my mood picked up and it has been fairly happy. *shrug* I don’t get why my brain thinks that way it does, I just know that it is my worst enemy and I need to fight it every day. Today I won. Yesterday I won. I wonder how tomorrow will go….

I Hate Weekdays

When Monday comes around I get lonely, I get sad. This happens almost every week without fail. If hubby is home then it doesn’t. It’s pretty simple.

The fact that it’s been raining since last night doesn’t help. I have yet to buy a UV lamp and there hasn’t really been any sun. Yet I walked outside forgetting that it was a gov’t holiday enjoying the fresh crisp air and smell of decaying vegetation. I found something positive in a negative.

My mother in law didn’t get her loan approval so she wont be moving next door. I have to admit I am pretty sad about it. A legitimate reason to be sad. I can’t think of a way for it to work now. She could sell her house first but then she needs somewhere to live until the new one is built. I can’t take the cats and bird in. She has no where for them to go. Plus another 7 months of not being alone with my husband.

Some things are just not meant to happen I guess.

I’m going to try to not let it get me down. However it is during the week and keeping myself up is already hard.

I must keep my eye on the positives.

The positives are that my house building is moving forward. My marriage is strong and healthy. My mental health is getting better. I am looking toward the future instead of dreading it.

I’m alive, I’m healthy and can healthier. Life is good, even if my moods are the top most, my life can still be good.

I Don’t Feel Like Posting

I hate that I promised myself I would post every day. Most days I want to but today I just don’t feel up to it.

I’m not depressed. I’m not angry. I’m actually ok.

My husband and I went and sat at the beach and watched the waves and talked about our future. It was nice because this is one of those days that I can actually see the future.

Most days I am too wrapped up in some degree of emotional hell that I can’t see anything past the point of just wanting to go to bed a sleep.

Not being medicated is scary. I remember the way I was and I know the possibility of it happening again is high. We leave next Weds and then I have an appt. set up on July first to start working on my mental health. I just need to last that long. I think I can do it.

Course I don’t know if I control my brain or my brain controls me.. We’ll find out.