Holiday Anxiety

As I’ve said in previous posts I often have a lot of depression and anxiety during the holidays. So far this year has been a little easier than most others. I’m not sure if it is medication or family or learning to accept the way things are.

My mood has pretty good today. Two in a row, that’s certainly something. I am not sure if the medication is working already or I’m just being lucky. I do consider 2 days in a row lucky regardless. I usually have many days in a row of depression then 1-5 days of mania with one or two hypo-manic days.

I love the hypo-manic days as it gives me a chance to catch up on all the stuff I get behind on when I am depressed.

I am really hoping that these holidays are better than they have been in the past and that going forward my meds work to get rid of the depression that is lurking just outside of my vision.


  1. After a two-week-long break, I’m finally back and catching up with your life. I’ve missed you! I’m glad that this year was a little easier for you!!!! I’m glad the holidays are over! I hope that your meds have continued to help ever since you wrote this – I hope that with all my heart!!! You’ve been through enough in 2014 and I want your 2015 to be so much better, which is WILL be since you will have a gorgeous house to move into, hurrah!!!!!!!


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