Offensive Comments are Frustrating

Maybe it is just me but I am sensitive when it comes to my bipolarity and depression. While I can appreciate that everyone suffers differently from it I don’t like to hear any of the following sentences.

“She is sicker than you.”
“Their depression is harder on them then yours is.”
“They’ve tried to kill themselves more than you.”
“They’ve had to be hospitalized.”

I just find it so offensive that someone thinks they know what I am going through cause some fucking movie star starts telling their story of bipolarity.

My mother in law often compares my illness to that of Catherine zeta Jones and it pisses me off. I hide the way I feel from everyone but my husband, so I am so incredibly hurt when she says things like that. I don’t know what to do about her insensitivity. Right now I am just sitting here stewing over it. Which honestly helps no one. Yet I know that I can’t say anything to her about it because of the kind of person she is.



  1. Your MIL sounds passive aggressive, actually perhaps not even passively aggressive. The more I read about her treatment of you, the more I understand your anger, frustration, and hurt. She is attacking you. You do not need that sort of treatment. Not at all. You need your home to be a sanctuary, a place you feel safe, loved, and unconditionally supported. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be waiting for your new home to be built.

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  2. Oooo, I know how that feels. I HATE it when I’m compared. Can your husband not have a quiet word with her? If she doesn’t realise how much its upsetting you, she doesn’t have the chance to change her comments. Rather a quiet word from someone than you being pushed to the limit and unintentionally exploding in a rage. You certain have done the right thing – removing yourself from the situation. Take care

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  3. You are not alone. Other than my best friend, no one sees me break down. They just think I’m being a reclose bc I withdraw and retreat into myself. You are special and important. Keeping up my self care really helps me keep my resilience. Be nice to yourself 🙂 happy holidays!

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