Pain and Depression

It took me years to realize that many of my physical ailments were cause from my mental state. I never connected the fact that I would often feel aches and pains while I was horribly depressed.

Few people actually realize that connection, seeking out medical attention which uses their money, time and patience to come to no conclusion. I read this really great article on it

It’s older but you can find a lot of material on it.

It’s really amazing just how crappy it can make you feel, it’s no wonder we don’t want to get out of bed and just sleep our days away. Who wants to be constantly sad and in pain? I know I don’t


  1. For a long time I believed my mental health issues were physical, too. I was in pain, I had night sweats, developed high blood pressure, gout and a loss of stamina … fuzzy vision, short-term memory problems — all sounded physical to me. I understand the connection now, but wish I had understood sooner. Good post!

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  2. Pat yourself on the back for having the strength to hang in there, it’s a tough road mostly mentally, but you don’t realize physically also.


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